Getting diagnosed with Breast cancer is the most difficult phase of life for anyone. However, a ray of hope is presented by the fact that Breast cancer can actually be cured using appropriate treatment measures.

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Understanding Breast Cancer

There are a lot of myths surrounding breast cancer and how we can address it. Actually, breast cancer can be very easily defined as the abnormal growth of breast cells in the body. This condition can be cited as the most common type of cancer in Delhi NCR and the world, in general. The abnormally growing cells have a tendency to grow more rapidly than the other healthy cells present in the body. Thus, they spread quickly from one body tissue to another, slowly impacting the entire organ, and sometimes, body systems.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer can be caused by numerous reasons and risk factors, many of which we might indulge in without being aware. Here are some of the risk factors that you should barr from indulging in, if you want to keep breast cancer away:

  • As human beings age, their chances of getting exposed to breast cancer also increases.
  • The most common cause of breast cancer is inherited, or genetic vulnerabilities. More than 10% of breast cancer causes come from a family history of cancer.
  • Exposing your breasts to harmful radiations is another reason for developing breast cancer.
  • Early onset of menstruation (menarche) or late termination of menstruation (menopause) is also a contributor to the development of breast cancer in women.
  • Deciding not to have any child, also known as nulliparity is also a significant factor that exposes women to the risk of breast cancer.
  • If a woman decides to have her first child at an older age (that is, at 35 or above), it also increases the risk of Breast cancer in them.
  • Resorting to the condition of not breastfeeding children also causes breast cancer.
  • If someone suffers from certain and benign diseases of the breast, it can be a major reason for breast cancer.
  • Once the menopause has set in, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Not doing so, results in obesity, which increases the chances of acquiring breast cancer.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you feel that you or your loved one is predisposed to the fatal condition of breast cancer, here are some of the symptoms that you should look for:

  • A lump in the breast
  • A discharge of blood from the nipple
  • Frequent changes in the texture of the nipple or the breast, as a whole
  • Discomfort in the breasts
  • Inverted breast nipples
  • Redness near the breast region
  • Sudden puckering of the skin, or thickening of the skin near the breast region
  • Rapid swelling of the lymph nodes

Can Breast Cancer be inherited?

Unfortunately, breast cancer can be inherited. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of breast cancer in the world. If any of your blood relatives or distant ones get diagnosed for breast cancer or any other cancer for that matter, you should set an appointment with your doctor and get a medical diagnosis done.

How to diagnose Breast Cancer? 

The most significant diagnosis of breast cancer is definitely the one that has been done medically, under the supervision of professionals. But, one can also perform self-diagnosis from time to time just to be sure. Here are all the diagnosis options available for breast cancer:


Mammography is the most common diagnosis method for breast cancer, or any disease of the breast. It uses the X-ray radiations to bring about a detailed picture of the breast composition. Undergoing mammography helps medical professionals to look at varied breast lesions more clearly, thus helping them tell the entire picture.


In order to self diagnose yourself for breast cancer, all you have to do is do a breast examination once a day and look for any lumps or unusual developments in your breasts or armpits.

Treating Breast Cancer

A sigh for relief for everyone who was searching for a way to treat breast cancer. As mentioned earlier, Breast cancer can be cured and here are some of the treatment options that one can go for if they are looking for Breast Cancer Treatment options in Delhi NCR.

Breast Biopsy

Breast biopsy is a treatment option in which a specific small amount of tumor is carefully searched for and removed from the body. A thin needle is used in the process. Certain myths surrounding this option is that it is risky and leads the cancer to spread. However, if done under the right circumstances, this is not how it turns out.

Axillary Surgery

This is a rare treatment surgery for Breast Cancer which involves operating on the axillary lymph nodes in the armpit. However, this is only done if the lymph nodes in the armpit appear to be the are of primary risk for breast cancer.


Chemotherapy is undoubtedly the most widely used treatment option for breast cancer that focuses on killing the problematic cells in the breast while not giving any harm to other body organs.


Immunotherapy is a creative treatment option for breast cancer that uses the strength of the body’s immune system against the harmful and abnormal body cells in the breasts.

Targeted Therapy

Very similar to chemotherapy, the targeted therapy focuses on inhibiting the cancer cells of the targeted organs without disturbing other body organs.

Hormone Therapy

This breast cancer treatment option in Delhi NCR analyses the needs of the body organs affected by cancer and harnesses specific hormone signals to meet the appropriate requirements.

Other Treatment Options 

These are not the only breast cancer treatment options. Radiotherapy and surgery are also the least commonly used procedures that have successfully established themselves as breast cancer treatment options.

Is Breast Cancer only prevalent in women?

No, breast cancer is common in women but men also get affected by breast cancer. One cannot neglect their health issues in the only hope that breastcancer does not affect men.

Can I treat Breast cancer without losing my breasts?

Yes, losing breasts is not mandatory for treating breast cancer. There are cases in which the professionals can opt to treat your breast cancer without having to remove the whole breasts. Also known as breast conservation surgery, there are no additional complications in the process.

Can breast cancer be spread to the body?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is affirmative Breast cancer cells, if not treated on time, can spread to other parts of the body, making the situation even worse. This usually occurs when the disease enters the 4th stage. Some of the body regions where breast cancer cells can spread include brain, lungs, liver, and bones. With the right intervention, one can cure Stage 4 breast cancer as well.

I do not want to undertake surgery for treating breast cancer. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. While surgery for treating breast cancer is only one of the many options available, many people choose to skip it and go for other conventional treatment measures. However, if you want results, surgery is a vital requirement for patients who suffer between stage 1 and stage 3 of breast cancer. Stage 4 cancer patients however, can totally skip it.

Is Chemotherapy necessary for treating breast cancer?

It totally depends on your condition. In some patients, chemotherapy is the most viable option available to treat breast cancer. In others, however, chemotherapy might not be required at all. When patients have an excellent prognosis, they can choose to avoid chemotherapy for their breast cancer treatment.

Is Chemotherapy a safe option for Breast Cancer Treatment? What are its side effects? 

Amidst all the myths surrounding the safety of chemotherapy, afact emerges that it in fact is a safe option to treat breast cancer. With the advent of modern technology, chemotherapy today focuses on bringing the minimum side effects while ensuring that the problem is taken care of.

Is Chemotherapy expensive in Delhi NCR?

There is no single answer to this question. The price of chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment in Delhi NCR depends on the average price of drugs that would go in the treatment. In Delhi NCR, you can find the best medical professionals guiding you towards using older drugs that are comparatively cheaper in price and equal to (if not more) the quality provided by modern day drugs.

How is HER2 positive Breast Cancer different from Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer, which we hear about in our general lives, is cancer that results from the abnormal action of cells. The HER2-positive breast cancer, however, is a specific subtype of breast cancer that places its emphasis on breast cancer caused by HER2 amplification. The etiology of this type of breast cancer is 20-30%.

What is the role of Herceptin in HER2 positive Breast Cancer?

As you might expect, Herceptin is a drug that has been found useful to treat HER2-positive breast cancer. It is also known as trastuzumab and is a form of targeted therapy given to HER2-positive patients.

I often hear the words palbociclib and ribociclib. What is their role in Breast Cancer Treatment?

palbociclib and ribociclib are CDK inhibitor drugs that have been newly introduced with the hope of treating Breast cancer more effectively than traditional drugs. These drugs aim to put a halt to the growth of cancer cells, thereby restricting it from spreading further.

Is Olaparib available as a breast cancer treatment in Delhi NCR?

A form of PARP inhibitor, Olaparib is another conventional class of drugs that is referred to people in Stage 4 breast cancer. It acts on the DNA to damage it, thereby leading the cancer cells to die. Infact, professionals believe that a certain class of people might find Olaparib more helpful than chemotherapy sessions.

Is hormone therapy a safe option for Breast Cancer Treatment?

By far, hormone therapy is the safest, easiest, and the most convenient treatment option for breast cancer treatment in Delhi NCR. It has mild side effects and is very easy to register.

What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer?

Like HER2 positive breast cancer, Triple Negative Breast cancer is also a subtype of breast cancer that is seen in approximately 20% of the population with breast cancer. These patients exhibit a more serious stance since they are not only devoid of essential hormone receptors, but also of HER2, which we talked about earlier. As one might expect, Triple Negative Breast cancer is comparatively difficult to treat than other breast cancer conditions.

How useful is Immunotherapy in treating Breast cancer?

As mentioned earlier, modern technology is introducing new and safer treatment options to take care of Breast Cancer patients. Immunotherapy is one such breast cancer treatment option that has proven to be useful especially for Stage 4 breast cancer patients. It creates a significant effect by reducing disease remissions.

How important is it to consult a doctor for Breast cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR?

While doctors in every state and country would more or less give the same diagnosis and treatment options, Breast Cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR offers greater quality. Consulting a doctor in NCR ensures that you are diagnosed correctly, and are offered the most appropriate treatment plans according to your condition.

I want to know more about getting Breast Cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR?

Breast cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR is considered by many people pan India, majorly because of the good quality of treatment and medical assistance received here. Additionally, many government hospitals, like AIIMS, offer the best medical treatment at an affordable price that people yearn for. If you care about your loved ones and their health, Breast Cancer Treatment in Delhi NCR is the best option.