Patient Review

Patient Review

Dr. Abbas is the best cancer specialist I have ever seen. I met him in 2018 when I went to Delhi for some work since then we have been following him the treatment of my mother who is suffering from breast cancer. we are so thankful to you sir for being so helpful and cooperative. God bless you.

5years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went into depression. And I remember when I walked into Dr. Abbas’s clinic, a man with the highest clinical ethics and the kindest heart. Nor did they empathize with the extreme grief but also explained to us that breast cancer is curable and the available treatment. He is a great human being.
lalbhadur singh

Dear doctor, thank you for everything. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, a phyllode tumor. We met several doctors before we met him. I accidentally got to know him and remember how I went to met you with my father. Somebody told us that you are the doctor we should go for the treatment of breast cancer so we went to Delhi from Mumbai for the treatment. Operation was done immediately and there was no need for chemotherapy or radiation . breast cancer is a curable disease and will advise everybody not to delay the treatment.
Swati Singh

we are so thankful for all that you have done to save my mothers life who was suffering from Breast cancer. Authentic, professional accurate diagnosis, clearly stated options and great technical skills. But the best part is your genuine care. Thank you for being honest with us throughout the treatment. We feel blessed to have come your way. We cannot thank you enough for your opinion. We do not think a lot of doctors would be as straightforward as you. We really appreciate and admire you. You are the Best breast cancer specialist
sakshi agarwal

He is a great medical oncologist with sound and sensible decision making. His compassionate attitude towards patients is also appreciapble.
Iqra Ahmed

Best doctor in Delhi when it comes to a good listner, mentor and guide he is the best 
Kiran Singh

Dr. Waseem is a very modest and good oncologist. He listens very patiently and is very concerned for the patients.
Anjali Aggarwal

Dr. Waseem is very human in his approach. His attention to detail, personal care and empathy are something that caught my eye. He is an impeccable doctor and the finest example of modesty. He is compassionate towards his patients and a benevolent one at that. The day we got to know about our family member having cancer, we were afraid to go to a cancer doctor or even acknowledge the fact. But a session with Dr. Waseem, gave us confidence, hope and a wish to live the rest of our lives with quality. He is a humble man and a great doctor to have. I really appreciate his follow-up and willingness to answer questions. Thanks a ton for being a genuine doc- sincerely appreciate it.
Raj Dhingra